Corporate Partnership

DNA offers valuable partnership opportunities to companies for engaging with the disability sector. We are a one-stop destination for reaching out to thousands of disability related NGOs across the State.

By partnering with DNA, you can:

Benefit from up-to-date, credible information about corporate-NGO engagement opportunities in the disability sector
Choose your area of engagement and create a customized plan Rely on us for NGO credibility and project impact data, and get straight to execution stage
Leverage the sectoral experience and technical expertise of our leadership team to maximize your project output and impact

To learn more, write to us at and we’ll get back to you shortly.

CSR Activities

Register your company with DNA and get regular updates on the funding and project needs of member NGOs. If the project requirement aligns with your CSR goals, we will help you make quick and informed decisions with access to verified NGO, project and beneficiary details.

You can also choose specific project locations and duration to maximise your brand visibility and community reach. All member NGOs offer IT exemption under Section 80G. Some of the ways you can offer CSR support to member NGOs include.

Sponsor services, treatment or aids and appliances of PwD beneficiaries
Fund education for disabled children or vocational training courses for PwD youth
Sponsor the programmatic needs of the NGO (vehicle, essential operational costs, etc.)

Share your CSR requirement with us on and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Corporate Inclusion

In partnership with Enable India, our knowledge and implementation partner, we network extensively with companies across Karnataka and beyond to facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities.

Enable India’s sustained networking effort, and focused approach to promote a positive corporate mindset towards inclusion, and has led to more than 300 companies hiring PwDs, including those severe sensory and mental disabilities.

Through our partner, Enable Academy, you can access an extensive database of skilled employees and trainees for your company in their area of choice.

Access an extensive database of skilled employees and trainees for your company in your area of choice. Visit to learn more.

Employee Volunteering

DNA can help you source verified and well-organised volunteering activities at our member NGOs. But that’s not all.

We go beyond merely connecting you to NGOs by orienting your employees and sentitizing them about engaging with PwDs, thereby helping them make the most of their volunteering experience.

Top areas of volunteering at our member NGOs include.
Basic Computer Literacy (MS)
Basic Documentation / MIS
Digital presence
Videography / Photography
Event Management
Resource Development / Directory

Please share your volunteering requirements with us on and we’ll get back to you shortly.

On-site/off-site Sensitization Programmes

DNA can organize workplace sensitization sessions at your company to help your management and workforce better understand inclusion, needs of persons with disabilities, importance of mainstreaming and other related issues.

Become Volunteer

The growing disability sector needs committed individuals who can share their time and skills to help further the cause.

DNA enables enthusiastic volunteers to join organizations in different capacities, either as a full-time intern, onsite volunteer or even a remote volunteer.

Register as a volunteer with DNA. We will connect you to our member NGOs when relevant opportunities arise.


DNA is a young and growing organization with a large mandate. Our progress depends on our people and their passion service and excellence. We welcome capable and motivated individuals, including PwDs, to join our team.

Apart from competitive salary and a dynamic work environment, we offer exciting opportunities for professional growth.

For career related queries, write to us on