Our Member NGOs run sheltered workshops where persons with disabilities produce a wide range of attractive, hand made & environmentally friendly products.

When you buy these products, not only do you get a good quality, reasonably priced product but you bring a smile to the faces of these PwDs, you help them earn a living and become a contributing member of their family and society.

Amogh Trust

Our mission is to fulfil the aspirations of the Differently Abled and empower them to be self reliant and enterprising. Our products are the outcome of untapped skills of young adults with Intellectual Disabilities that cater to their unique abilities and interests.

Akshadhaa Foundation

Initiative to bring a meaningful livelihood with dignity for adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Sambhav Foundation

We work on improving education, ensuring health and well-being, building skills, and uplifting through employment and entrepreneurship

Diya Innovations

Diya Innovations is a social enterprise located in Bangalore, India, and has been creating and supporting livelihoods for men and women born with intellectual challenges since 2013. This gift has been created for you, by hand, by a team of artisans that include people born with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy and mental retardation. Support through such orders, helps us create sustainable careers in craftsmanship for our artisans.