Our Activities

Capacity Building

We work on Capacity Building programs for NGOs, for empowerment of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs)/Parent Groups & for social inclusion of PwDs in the Society

For NGOs, we offer a wide-range Capacity building solutions, especially to NGOs in rural or semi- urban locations, which typically lack trained staff and resources to implement various programmes. These include OD programs delivered through our partners, Capacity Building Workshops for program interventions such as Early Intervention, weekly learning sessions (DNA Talks) that cover a wide range of topics and best practice sharing/networking events among Members. Our objective is to build robust organizations and ensure optimal service delivery and sustainability.

Every member NGO can benefit from our multi-dimensional programmes, facilitated through our partners Dhwani Foundation and implemented through workshops, on-site training and e-learning.

OD focus areas include:

On-field work – mobilizing communities

Inputs for Implementation of programmes

Networking and collaboration with stakeholders

Financial Management

HR Practices

Donor engagement for fund raising

MIS, Documentation and reporting

Expected impact of OD support to NGO members:

Become more professional and efficient

Improved branding and visibility among stakeholders, beneficiaries and donors

Improved management of funds

Improved support from stakeholders and corporates

Improved staff retention and stronger second-line leadership

With the partnership of Dhwani Foundation, the NGO programs which DNA facilitates are:

Niranthara: Niranthara helps build the institutional capacity of NGOs, for compliance, governance, MIS, finance and accounting, and fundraising and marketing

Sahayak: Helps NGOs to improve organisational efficiency by outsourcing support functions and processes related to compliance, F&A, HR and other support functions to increase operational efficiencies and reduce administrative costs

DhristE: Is an eLearning program specially created to help good NGOs to become great. DrishtE is a self-paced, mobile based eLearning program that takes an NGO through eight core modules that are essential to operate impactfully

Goonjan: Bringing cloud-based MIS Software to NGOs, making data management and analysis simple and reliable

Digital Presence: to create visibility to their intervention through website & social media

DNA Talks

DNA initiated this program in January 2021. It is a weekly Learning session for DNA members to build knowledge & share best practice. DNA Talks covers a wide range of topics such as Understanding disabilities & how to manage them, Legal & Compliance requirements for NGOs, Understanding Government welfare schemes & how to access them etc. These sessions target both the NGO Members as well as DPOs/Parent Groups.

Policy & Advocacy

DNA facilitates the government interfacing of disability sector NGOs and the PwD community at the State level as well as at local administrative level. As a recognised alliance of NGOs, DNA provides inputs to the government bodies in policy development, it advocates the needs of the sector to government institutions, corporate donors, universities, and other relevant institutions. DNA supports NGOs working in underdeveloped locations, where welfare mechanisms for PwDs are limited, by connecting them to concerned Government authorities and addressing their needs effectively. DNA acts like the bridge between NGOs, Institutions and the Government.

Some examples of DNA’s policy and advocacy activities include:

Participation in Karnataka State Government’s Working Committee, to design the guidelines for implementing the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016

Participation in the development of Karnataka Health Vision 2021-30 as the representative of the Disability Sector

Regular interactions with key departments of the government includingDepartment of Women and Child Development, Department of Empowerment of Differently Abled, Ministry of Social Justice, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Senior Citizens to advocate the needs the disability sector

Advocacy with private institutions, universities and community organisations to make their premises and facilities PwD friendly for children, youth and adults with disability

Advocacy efforts with corporates to influence the engagement of PwDs, and raise awareness about several working areas that are PwD-friendly with proven success rates

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS) set ground to offer three new courses i.e. Bachelor course in Audiology Speech and Language Pathology, Bachelor course in Occupational Therapy and B.Sc in Emergency Medical Technician course.

In coastal Karnataka Seva Bharathi one of the member organizations of DNA in Dakshina Kannada District connected to Zilla Panchayath & District Disability Welfare Office of Udupi District to get required data of persons with spinal cord injuries to plan for District Rehabilitation Program. As a result 76 spinal cord injuries have been identified and got required support from Seva Bharathi.

In Udupi District, influenced Health Department & Zilla Panchayath to start new program “Arogya Sparsha” to Persons with Spinal cord Injuries. This model is no where in Karnataka/India, started first time in Udupi District for Persons with Spinal cord Injuries.

Appreciation & Felicitation by District Disability Welfare Office Udupi to DNA, on the day of World Disability Day 2019 for creating awareness to 2000+ personnel on RPD Act 2016.

Livelihood Opportunities

DNA promotes programs to source mainstream jobs/internships, contract work/product procurement for sheltered workshops, self employment opportunities & to identify new models of livelihood for PwDs. These programs also support capacity building for NGOs & parents through employability training/job coaching and work with employers for creation of an enabling environment at the workplace through sensitisation & training.

DNA also works to enable sharing international best practices, case studies and models for promoting employment of persons with disabilities. Towards this end, DNA hosted the Workability Asia conference in 2016 named as “Empowerment through Employment of Persons with Disabilities”. Workability Asia is the Asia- Pacific arm of Workability International, the world’s largest body representing providers of work and employment services for persons with disabilities.

Our Programs

DNA identifies the need, designs the programs and facilitates various intervention programs. The implementation of these programs is led by its Members. Some of the Programs that DNA is currently associated with are:

Saksham - Digitization Project by Amogh

Covid Vaccination Drive

PwDs are a vulnerable section of the population and hence on the priority list of the Government as well as the judiciary for Covid Vaccination. However, the hospital/public health centre environment is often not disabled friendly. In view of these factors, DNA created a program to create awareness, facilitate, mobilize, & assist persons with disabilities and their care givers for vaccination across Karnataka. DNA collaborated with BBMP, Government Agencies, Health Department, District Disability Welfare Office (DDWO), Panchayath Raj Institutions to deliver this program. DNA partnered member organizations to lead implementations in different districts. The program targets to deliver over 100,000 jabs over a 6month period.


This programme, in partnership with Enable India, is for creating self-employment opportunities for PwDs in rural areas where livelihood prospects and facilities for the disabled are limited. The program is built on a strong local community/panchayat participation. It offers vocational training/skilling and building of a strong financial plan. It delivers this by identifying local qualified partners for training, skilling & financing.

Mission 1000: Creating 1000 opportunities for 1000 lives in 1000 days

The programme is designed to create opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities such as autism, CP and mental retardation. In partnership with Enable India, this program looks to mainstream jobs/internships in urban areas. The program also covers employability training/job coaching for NGOs & parents. It also runs sensitization workshops for corporates to promote awareness about PwD-friendly jobs, collaborates with NGOs focused on skill development for PwDs; and networks with support organizations like Rotary Club and government departments.

This program aims to create 1000 0pportunities ranging from skilling, inclusive procurement to livelihoods in 1000 days. It also aims to impact 1000 lives within the company, their leaders, customers, vendors, service providers and the larger community through sensitization and engaging in volunteering activities.

Early Intervention

DNA facilitates the implementation of early intervention programmes by member NGOs, to set the foundation for a robust eco-system of services at an early stage. Early intervention programmes for member NGOs include:

Timely identification of beneficiary needs, to plan and provide required services efficiently

Common capacity building workshops, to share member experiences and competencies; thereby developing synergy between them and promoting the sector’s progress

Strengthening community healthcare systems through early interventions and incorporating referrals to local healthcare centres